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We provide top quality boatlifts and personal water craft lifts. We also provide repair and maintenance services for all the lifts we sell. You can call our team to discuss your needs and we will walk you through every step of your purchase.

Find the Ideal Boatlift as per Your Needs

As a boatlift manufacturer, we provide custom boatlift solutions as per your unique needs.

  • Rotating mini lift (1500 lb.)

  • 800, 1500, 2500 lb. piling davit

  • 6000, 8000, 12,000 lb. cantilever

  • 7000, 9000, 13,000, 16,000 lb. cradle lift

Different types of boatlifts

Atlantic Lifts, Dock & Bulkhead of Point Pleasant, NJ has been providing services across Ocean and Monmouth Counties since 1978. Our knowledgeable staff works all year to fulfill your boatlift needs. Whether you need a Jet Ski lift or a 13,000 pound four post lift, we stock it all. Count on us to be available in the future to provide reliable maintenance work for your lifts.


The four-post cradle lift system is available with capacities from 7,000 lb to 27,000 lb and beyond. Constructed with hot dipped galvanized steel, hardware and stainless steel cables, our lifts comes standard with fully enclosed motors with either a standard or auto stop remote control unit with a wireless transmitter.


You can also ask for additional features such as outer walkways, stern work platforms and boarding platforms or stairs. Get in touch with us to find out what kind of lift is suitable to your requirement.


We also have cantilever lifts that come in the capacity range of 6,000 lb to 16,000 lb. These are constructed with hot dipped galvanized steel, hardware and stainless steel cables. These lifts have two fully enclosed motors, standard or auto shop remote control units with wireless transmitters.


Cantilever lifts can be installed off of a dock or bulkhead. They are available in 15, 30 or 45 degree inclines. You can also enjoy features such as outer guide poles, outer walkways and stern platforms.


If you're looking for PWC lifts, we have a few options for you:

Platform lift

Whatever your watercraft need is, we have something for you. Our platform lift is made from hot dipped galvanized steel with two fully enclosed motors and standard or auto stop remote control unit with wireless transmitter. The benefits of this lift are that it is synthetic, durable, and allows maintenance-free decking. The platform lift can accommodate 2-4 personal watercrafts.


Rotating Mini Lift (1500 lb)

This lift can accommodate up to 4-seat personal watercrafts. It is installed onto a bulkhead or a dock. The unique feature of this lift includes a wireless remote control unit for ease in operation, and an electric plug feature for use with an outdoor approved outlet.



We carry 800 lb, 1500 lb, and 2500 lb, piling mounted davits. All davits are made from hot dipped galvanized steel with stainless steel cable, a fully enclosed motor with a spring switch control with an electrical plug feature. Davit is an ideal choice when you're lifting a variety of vehicles.


Rely on us for exceptional customer service and satisfaction

We provide a 1-year warranty on all our boatlifts.

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