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Atlantic Lifts, Dock & Bulkhead is a family-owned business and the first in the area of Point Pleasant, NJ to provide quality bulkheads, docks, and boat lifts. We also install bulkheads, which are vinyl retaining walls that act as a barrier between the land and the bay. These bulkheads prevent erosion and destruction from ship worms.

Maintain the Aesthetic Appeal

A well-constructed bulkhead is your first line of defense against water erosion.

Benefit of a durable bulkhead

Long-term trouble-free life of your bulkhead severely depends on a large number of parameters. Interact with our knowledgeable team and decide on the perfect bulkhead solution as per your requirement. We use only top-quality construction materials that will hold up to the most violent storms and repel marine borer attacks.

Ideal protection parameters provided by strong bulkheads

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